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Furniture and other things for your Pet

There is almost an endless array of items to suit your pet's needs. As we get requests for, and then build, various things, we add them here.

From things you've seen before (just built better and at a better price), to things you've never thought of.

Like all of our offerings, don't be limited by what you see here. If you have a need for something, just let us know and well see if we can make it for you!

Of course, we make beds for pets and you can see them in the Bed Gallery
under the sub-gallery "Pet Beds".

Here are a few of the other things we've done so far:


Large Toy Box

Bed Steps. 22"w x 22"h x 28"d
Carpeted treads and foldable legs for storage - $85.



Guitar Display Case

Legs have locking braces for safety & stability when open.
They quickly & easily fold flat between the side rails for storage.
Fits under any bed that has 7½" of clearance underneath.



Guitar Display Case

Are you always asking if someone else already fed the dog?
Can't remember if he/she got breakfast this morning?
This simple wall-mount reminder will solve that for you!
When you feed dinner, just move the bone to the side with the moon.
When you feed breakfast, just move the bone to the side with the sun.
This will also make sure other family members don't accidentally overfeed your pet by letting everyone know the last meal served.



Guitar Display Case

Crate-style reminder measures 6½" x 4" and has a slot on the back to hang
on a nail or screw on any wall.
Version for cat feeding time with a mouse instead of a bone coming soon.
$20 each.


~ Handcrafted in Central Arkansas ~
Thirteen Pine